Commencal Meta Power 29 Ohlins Edition 2021

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META POWER 29 - New Engine, New Battery, New Frame

The switch to an integrated battery from the 2020 META POWER 29 range has significantly improved its performance. For 2021, we're taking full advantage of all the experience we've collected from our numerous tests in order to make it even more effective.

Equipped with the all new SHIMANO EP8 engine, the bike now features a higher torque (85 N.m), whilst the power output curve has been optimised. The result? A softer bike with better control, grip and more responsive to pedal strokes. To top it off, the new 630Wh battery increases capacity significantly, and that's not all? The positioning of the motor is such to enable the lowest battery position possible, meaning much better weight distribution. Finally, a new engine mount combined with a new generation engine guard, optimises space and reduces the risks of it catching the ground.

With 170mm travel at the front and 160mm on the back, the META POWER 29 is a bike designed for riding the most technically demanding trails, both uphill and downhill. With a slacker head angle and an extended wheelbase it has gained in stability without compromising the handling.

Like the META AM 29, the META POWER 29 will delight riders hungry for performance and who like to commit, regardless of the difficulty of the trails. An electric enduro made to keep going and going, fast.

The look of this new bike has evolved in depth. It's very simple, everything's new! The sharper lines clearly underline the improved performance.


This META POWER 29 features the new SHIMANO EP8 engine and a 630Wh battery, which both significantly increase its capacities. This is a very high-end model where we find the best in terms of components. As for the suspension the Swedish brand OHLINS equips this META POWER, with a TTX22 shock it will definitely please spring suspension lovers thanks to its sensitivity to small shocks, and excellent touch on the ground. Up front, the RXF36 fork is also the best for heavy-duty use with its high precision and excellent grip on sloping terrain. The combo of yellow and black suspension and the 'High Polish' frame is perfect!
In order to stop this machine at top speed we have SHIMANO XT brakes, the brand's most powerful model, with 4 pistons. Also, 12-speed Shimano transmission sets an example of reliability and smoothness, which means you'll climb in peace and with panache! Finally, there are H1700 DT SWISS e-bike specific wheels which are well established in this category.